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"Saving Grace" is interested in using a Sharpline Converting product

WICHITA — A producer with "Saving Grace" contacted Wichita's Sharpline Converting about using one of its products on the TV show.

"We gave them permission," says marketing director Greg Duchinsky.

Sharpline is a more than 30-year-old company that manufactures graphic products and brand identity elements for things like vehicles, boats and aircraft.

It has a Night Striker line of reflective and decorative graphics for automobiles (like lightning bolts and a pair of reflective angry eyes). It's one of those products that will be in the show.

"Apparently one of the designs caught their eye," Duchinsky says.He's not sure which one.

"I'd like to know myself."

Duchinsky has been told the product will air in the next four to six weeks, but he hopes to find out when specifically.

Through the company's history, it's had products featured in other TV shows and movies and on popular vehicles like the PT Cruiser Woody.

"It's stuff that just happens," Duchinsky says rather nonchalantly.Not that he's not enjoying the opportunity.

"It's helped make a good business for Sharpline," he says. "It's just fun every once in a while when something like this happens."