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Domino's Pizza to stay in business in Wichita

WICHITA — Domino's Pizza owner Jim Hightower, who couldn't be reached for comment last week to discuss his company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, wants customers to know he's keeping his two restaurants open.

"For legal reasons, we had to file for the reorganization," Hightower says.He says the bankruptcy is "almost exclusively (due) to the debts that were incurred by the two stores that we closed."

The Domino's Pizzas at 21st and Woodlawn and Kellogg and West closed last year.

The bankruptcy filing lists assets of $169,883.47 and debts of $963,975.12.

Hightower says the Domino's restaurants at Harry and Rock and Central and Tyler remain open.

"We're not closing and not going anywhere."