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Summer Basketball: Runnin' With The Wichita T-Wolves


I got a chance this morning to watch the Wichita T-Wolves play in Nationals of the MAYB circuit. Pretty impressive stuff. But then again, what can you expect from a loaded roster like that? The T-Wolves simply are too much for most teams to handle. They won their first game by a score of 64-24 and it was actually close early in the first half.

Ja’ln Williams was the best player on the court. Few can match his speed and when Williams comes across someone that can, he has the handles to maneuver past him. Another one that impressed me was Maize big man Steven Wolgamott. I’m not sure, but I think he sat out school ball due to an injury. But anyway, Wolgamott was dominant on the low block. The T-Wolves had a nice pick-n-roll game set up for him.

A few others you will surely be familiar with are the Heights duo of Evan Wessell and Dreamis Smith. Wessell was a bit passive in this game, but he is just smooth in whatever he does. Smith said he has been working more on bringing up the ball and becoming a point guard. With Williams on the same team that’s hard to practice, but Smith was a fine complimentary player. McPherson stud Christian Ulsaker doesn’t have the same role on the team as he does for the Bullpups, which he was named all-state in 5A. Ulsaker can thrive as the team’s third or even fourth option.