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You're not the only one to start bringing your lunch to work

WICHITA - Are you taking your lunch to work, these days? It’s one of the hottest workplace trends as people economize, as shown in this survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Here’s the survey with that and other questions:

May question: To help trim costs, I have started doing the followingo Taking lunch to work = 43%o Using public transportations more = 2%o Planning a "staycation" = 6%o Cutting back on expensive evenings out = 36%o Nothing yet, but I know I need to start soon = 12%• June Question: This summer you plan too Take a vacation spending the usual amount = 3%o Take a vacation, but spend less = 13%o Stay at home, but take advantage of local events = 19%o No money for a vacation of any kind this year = 64%• July Question: The one thing that would make me feel more financially secure would be too Have more money in savings = 11%o Have less debt = 73%o Have job security = 4%o Have more control over my finances = 13%