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Preseason MIAA volleyball rankings/A bad taste

TING LIUPreseason MIAA volleyball rankings are out — and no surprise as defending champion Emporia State and Washburn were picked to finish 1-2. Each team got five first-place votes. Last year, Emporia State had the greatest season in school history, winning its first MIAA title and advancing to the NCAA regional final. Not bad. In fact, pretty spectacular. And they’ve got the MIAA player of the year back in All-American setter Ting Liu along with All-American outside hitter Arica Shepard.

On another note, I gotta say … I was kind of excited for this year’s MIAA volleyball season. That was, until earlier this week.

Not naming names here, but there’s been an edict handed down from one of the schools NOT to write about a certain topic involving one of its’ players. I don’t want to say who, or what the topic — but it is not something I’ve ever had an interest in writing about, honestly, although I know I’ve mentioned it a few articles and on the blog, but apparently, last year, a couple of places beat the story to death. Fast forward to this year and the school’s SID — via an ultimatum from the player — is telling us media types to back up. This … is absolutely ridiculous. If the kid didn’t want to talk about it, then she could have simply said so if/when it is brought up in an interview. On something as MUNDANE as what this ban was about, I’m sure any self-respecting reporter would have shrugged their shoulders, said OK, then moved on to the next question. Instead, said school flexes its’ muscles and said player looks like a prima donna. Nobody likes to get big-timed, which is what this feels like.

I’m off my soapbox now. Here’s the coaches poll: