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Races reacted differently to Gates-gate

Columnist Clarence Page noted how reactions varied based on race to the arrest of Henry Louis Gates by Sgt. James Crowley, and to President Obama's statement that the Cambridge police "acted stupidly.""An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, for example, found 32 percent of whites thought Gates brought the arrest on himself. Only 7 percent thought Crowley was more at fault," Page wrote. "African-Americans leaned just as sharply the other way: Only 4 percent faulted Gates compared with 30 percent who thought Crowley overdid it. A Pew Research Center poll found the public disapproved of Obama's comments by a 2-1 majority, especially among working-class whites."Page also noted how Fox News host Glenn Beck said Gates-gate revealed Obama's "deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture" and claimed that "this guy is, I believe, a racist."