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Domino's Pizzas owner declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy

WICHITA — In December, Have You Heard? reported that Jim and Melissa Hightower had closed two of their four Domino's Pizzas.

"We think we'll come through this," Jim Hightower said at the time.

Melissa Hightower has now filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy with assets of $169,883.47 and debts of $963,975.12.

The Hightowers didn’t return calls for comment.

It's not clear what will happen with the two remaining Domino's restaurants here.

The Domino’s Pizzas at 21st and Woodlawn and Kellogg and West closed last year, and the ones on East Harry and North Tyler remained open.

Jim Hightower said then that those restaurants were doing well and that the other two were simply located too close to them and couldn’t generate enough business.

At the time, he also said he and his wife want to open new stores in locations that make sense, but it was too difficult to get credit for a start-up in a troubled economy.