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NBC Tourney: Better Late Than Never

I probably should have blogged yesterday. I mean, how many writers get the chance to express feelings and observations from the only first day of the 75th rendition of the NBC Tournament that will ever happen? But between writing 800 words of Wingnuts notes, covering a game and then adding a 400-word NBC notebook (not to mention a fairly lengthy facebook message), I didn’t have the words left to truly capture such a historic day. But I’m here now.

Let me just say first that I’ve never really spent much time with Mike Dean, the NBC’s Hall of Fame administrator. I think you can call him an administrator. He does a lot of the scorekeeping and stat keeping for the tournament. He’s basically the one-man Elias Sports Bureau of this tournament. Anyway, I’ve been sitting with him in the press box for about 10 minutes, and he’s already one of my favorite people ever.

After a bunt single in which the third baseman let it roll instead of picking it up, Dean said, “I believe he wanted it to roll foul, but it had no inclinations to do so.” Anybody who can spin words like that AND make those well-spun words baseball-related is a friend of mine. Unfortunately, he’s a native Detroiter (Detroitian? Detroitite?) and is rooting for the Tigers against the Indians today. So while I rejoiced at Andy Marte’s two-run double, the hit was met with only limited enthusiasm by Dean, who is still similarly rooting for Marte to make an imact with the Tribe. What a guy.

Anyway, we’ve had some schedule changes so the first game of the day, which was supposed to start at 8 a.m., actually began at 1 p.m. and wasn’t the game that was originally supposed to be played at 8. But I’m not going to spoil that information on the blog, so check for it in tomorrow’s NBC notes column. It’ll be juicy. Or at least filler.

Still looking for that first great game of the tournament. Or at least a somewhat identifiable team. Liberal and Fairbanks played last night, but that was just an exhibition. Liberal plays its true tourney opener in the next few days, as do the El Dorado Broncos and Hays Larks…and the Derby Twins and other teams we’re all looking forward to seeing. So expect activity on the blog to pick up soon. For now, though, I’m shutting it down. Lots more words to write today.