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If governor changes his mind

Gov. Mark Parkinson and other Democrats continue to challenge suggestions that the party plans to hand Cedar Crest to Republican Sam Brownback next year. But "the election is 15 months away and the Democrats haven't endorsed a candidate," wrote Topeka Capital-Journal columnist Ric Anderson. "It's getting close to showtime — very close. The pews are full, the organ is playing, the minister is at the altar, and the bride hasn't shown up. We've heard all kinds of names come and go — John Carlin, Dan Glickman, Nancy Boyda, Jill Docking and Bill Kurtis, to name a handful. But no one has stuck." Anderson helpfully wrote the text of an announcement declaring Parkinson's candidacy (should the governor rethink his decision not to run) in which Parkinson could point to "this crucial juncture in our state's history" and the need for "a full and spirited debate on the issues," and attribute the changing of his mind to "much soul-searching and extensive discussion" with his family.