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Football Preview Schedule


Hope everyone has been enjoying the football previews coming in for about the last three weeks. It’s been tons o’ fun. Talking to all of these coaches has been very interesting. It’s kind of funny from my standpoint. And by funny, I mean sort of repetitive. I call and ask the same set of questions to every coach and just go from there. What I find funny is how they take it. Some guard their answers in coachspeak, abusing every cliche in the book. Some actually open up and their answers are the ones that are fun to read. There have actually been a lot of those. The funniest are the ones that don’t want to give out any information about the upcoming season. At least to me.

But anyways, there is still more football previews to come. More in the works. I’ve taken care of quite a few, but there are always some left to do. So here is a schedule - probably more for me to keep pace - of the remaining teams. Set your alarms to 8 a.m. every morning to wake up to a hot and fresh team preview served up daily. Onto the list: