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Obama hits a familiar number

President Obama's latest approval numbers in a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll compare unfavorably with the 60 percent-plus numbers in the wake of Inauguration Day. But MSNBC's First Read blog notes that they align with the returns of the poll that counted — on Election Day 2008. "His job-approval rating has dropped to 53 percent, which just happens to be the percentage of the popular vote he won in November. His approval among independents and Republicans is, respectively, 49 and 16 percent, which is fairly close to his exit-poll scores with these groups," First Read noted. Co-pollster Bill McInturff said: "The question I asked back in February was: 'When does political gravity take hold?' The answer is in this survey. It is happening now."Meanwhile, closer to home, the latest SurveyUSA poll, co-sponsored by KWCH, Channel 12, finds that just 41 percent of Kansans approve of the job Obama is doing, down 8 points since June and 12 points since May.