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'Ultimate' Warrior

There was a football being thrown around by the Wingnuts again today, but the luster of the pigskin has been replaced by ultimate frisbee. I remember playing this in middle school, actually. I was awesome at it, but I was awesome at every athletic pursuit in middle school. My skills have quickly and are quickly fading.

The champion of ultimate frisbee among Wingnuts players is Brenan Herrera, who threw one from the left field foul line to the wall in right center field. Then he threw one back from left center into the top row of stands in the furthest section down the third-base line. Dude can launch it. I’m not so talented at throwing it myself, but I can still run solid routes and catch it, which I did when the intended target was overthrows.

Herrera, by the way, isn’t quite as strong in the football department, which could be why he turned to ultimate frisbee. Herrera was owned in a pass route by Patrick Brooks, who cut in front of Herrera to catch a pass by Dustan Mohr. Also, while I was sitting in the bullpen typing an e-mail on my phone, I was hit with an errant ultimate frisbee throw. That’s where I’m at with that sport now. The guy everybody laughs at.

I should have blogged about this yesterday, but I wanted to get a whole day of having a South team at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium for the first time this season. I absolutely loved it. New names to write down on my score sheet, new colors on the video board for opposing players’ statistics and, most importantly, a new radio guy (!!!!) His name is Jeff, so obviously we’ve hit it off quite well. He recently graduated from UCLA and now is on the opposite coast doing radio for the Pelicans. Good dude. Hasn’t even accused me of homerism yet.

Speaking of the Pelicans, they’ve won eight in a row, not five as I wrote in the newspaper today. I misread one of their scores from before the All-Star break against St. Paul. So my bad on that one.

Weird game last night in that both Wingnuts starter Adam Cowart and Pensacola closer Hunter Davis allowed their first home runs of the season. And Wichita, after doing well in clutch situations the previous two games, left 13 men on base. Wanted to get the reaction of manager Kevin Hooper, but he was in his office with a player until about 10:40 last night. That happens.

Wichita made a roster move today, releasing left-handed pitcher Julio Torres and signing right-hander Diego Soto, who pitched at Emporia State this season. That’s three ex-Hornets now on the roster: Soto, Gabe Medina and Michael Sharp. Bob Fornelli has a pipeline to Wichita. Anyway, Soto was 6-2 with a 2.76 ERA for the NCAA Division II runner-up Hornets this season. He had 48 strikeouts and 21 walks in 42 1/3 innings. The walk rate is a little high, but the strikeouts look good. He could have potential as a starter if there happens to be an injury.

Looks like we’re going to get this game in after the rain earlier, so that’s good. Nobody wanted a doubleheader tomorrow, especially a doubleheader starting at noon. Yuck. So we’ll hope to keep the rain away and we’ll check to see who wins the Arby’s Roast Beef game later tonight. My money is on No. 3.