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Palin free at last

As she stepped down Sunday as Alaska's governor, Sarah Palin said she didn't need a title to fight "for what is right, and for truth." For most politicians, quitting midway through a first term wouldn't further their careers. But Palin makes her own rules. Her immediate future appears to hold an Aug. 8 speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, work on her book and campaigning for like-minded Republicans, as well as more speaking out via Twitter. But "there is absolutely no plan," she told the Associated Press. Meanwhile, a New Republic article paints a grim picture of her final months in office and relationship with state legislators. None of her major bills passed, and "she managed to alienate most of the 60 members of House and Senate," said an aide to one GOP lawmaker. "It wasn't a matter of burning bridges — she blew them up."