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Will Gates episode change anything?

Talking about race has been all the rage since news broke of the arrest of Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. But will it amount to anything? Judging from recent history, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart predicts the flap "will end as quickly as it began, with no clearer understanding of the roots of the racial reactions that fueled it." Attorney General Eric Holder said in February that we are a "nation of cowards" when discussing race. President Obama, trying to repair the damage he did with his "stupidly" comment, said Friday that "these are issues that are still very sensitive here in America." On ABC's "This Week" Sunday, columnist George Will declared that "we converse about race too much." But it remains, responded Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, "as Condoleezza Rice said sometime ago, our birth defect because we won't have a real, honest, candid conversation, George, and that's the problem."