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K-12 doing 'pretty darn well'

Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal, R-Hutchinson, isn't losing sleep about the state's recent cuts to public school funding. Between the finance formula and federal stimulus funds, he told the Hutchinson News, "there are some school districts that actually will get more money this year than last year." Another court challenge by school districts, he said, "would be very poor timing on their part. In terms of agencies that consume taxpayer dollars, they were dealt with in a better and more benign fashion than virtually anyone else. We are in a recession and everyone has to do their share."O'Neal also said: "We're not failing our kids. If you go out and see what our schools are able to do, you'll see that we're doing a bang-up job. Does that mean that schools are going to be able to afford all the new bells and whistles or expand their curriculum? No. They'll have to tighten their belts, but we're not depriving the kids with these cuts of what is required under law for education. We're actually doing pretty darn well."