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KJCCC Media Day

Back in the office after hitting Jayhawk Conference media day at the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame and all I can say is … WHOA … now I know why Butler coach Troy Morrell is so tight-lipped about recruiting. Dude brought in a haul. I wouldn’t want anybody to know I had some of these guys on the burner, either.

That being said, Butler wasn’t the only story of the day. Hutchinson did almost as well recruiting, there’s two new JuCo bowl games in Kansas (Hutchinson and Pittsburg), Crawford County came this close to getting the NCAA Division II football championship game in Pittsburg, I got Jenn Bates to laugh at my Tim Tebow joke (although I got the standard “why does everybody hate on Tebow?” speech afterwards, which is obligatory if you’re a UF grad and anybody makes fun of Tebow) and I made Mike Kessinger buy me coffee at Mead’s Corner. Not bad work if you can get it.

Here’s a breakdown of the day’s happenings, going in descending order of the predicted finish: