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Q&A with Demetric Williams

Demetric Williams, an incoming freshman on the WSU basketball team, joins a crowded backcourt. There should be plenty of competition for playing time at guard and small forward. Williams is one of three freshmen who play those positions, not to mention returners Toure Murry, David Kyles, Graham Hatch and Clevin Hannah.

Q: Facebook or Twitter?

A: I don’t have any of that. I don’t even use the Internet, really. Everybody nowadays uses the Internet, Facebook, MySpace but I don’t use none of that. I use the phone.

Q: If you weren’t here at Wichita State playing basketball, where would you be?

A: I’d still be playing basketball. Washington State (was his second choice for a school).

Q: What teammate has made the biggest impression?

A: I would say J.T. (Durley). He’s a big man and he can shoot the ball.

Q: Kobe or LeBron?

A: LeBron, I’m a LeBron fan. He’s physical. He’s aggressive.

Q: What do you miss most about Las Vegas?

A: My family. I’ve got three brothers. Mom and dad. Cousins and grandmas. Everybody likes to hang out.

Q: Give the Kansas Jayhawk fans a scouting report on Elijah Johnson, your high school teammate at Cheyenne High in Las Vegas?

A: He’s a playmaker. A very good playmaker. He knows how to pass the ball real well. A good teammate to have. He kind of reminds me of LeBron, how LeBron does a little bit of everything.

Q: What is your impression of pickup games in the month you have been in Wichita?

A: It’s been very, very competitive. Everybody going at each other to see what everybody’s got. It’s been fun for me.