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MIAA FB schedule/A few thoughts

ZACH WATKINSJust taking a look over the MIAA FB schedule … and I don’t know how anybody’s going to stop Northwest Missouri. Are you excited for football season yet? I know I am, although Mark Buehrle’s perfect game today helped a little bit. Just a little. But I’m psyched for Saturday — I’ll be at the Jayhawk media day here in the ICT. And probably a lot of sandbaggin’, but that’s cool.

Here’s a few early season predictions for the MIAA:

-NW Missouri rolls again. Why, you might ask? 1. Myles Burnsides. 1A. Laron Council. ‘Nuff said. Think national title here, people.

-Pitt State’s going to be just fine, thank you. Will the Gorillas miss Mark Smith and Caleb Farabi? Yes. Will they find people to replace them, quickly, so it doesn’t cost them games? Double yes.

-Watch out for Nebraska-Omaha.

-Watch out for Washburn. Seriously. I know aside from Pitt State the MIAA teams in Kansas haven’t been too strong the last couple of years, but I think the Ichabods aren’t going to be too bad this year. If you make it to a game, take a nice long look at How To Be A Linebacker courtesy of Zach Watkins. He’s #43.

Here’s the full schedule.

And here’s a little Al: