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The NCAA and football recruiting

By: J. Long

I wrote about Heights graduate, and Shrine Bowl participant, Ian Knight this morning. He was a victim of recruiting, and he’s not the only one.

I’m not a big fan of the NCAA. Primarily because I feel that it exploits athletes by not allowing schools to pay them.

I’m also not a fan because the NCAA doesn’t protect the high school kids they covet. I know way too many kids who have schools trying to convince them that their place is best. Then when it’s time to commit, they tell that kid they are sorry because they overestimated the number of scholarships or,  point-blank, just didn’t have one for them.

That’s not right.

Sure, you can blame some of these kids for not making a decision earlier. But we are talking about teenagers. Teenagers that often don’t know what exactly is waiting for them once they leave the comforts of home.