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Eaton Steakhouse served petition for eviction

WICHITA — The owners of the Eaton Steakhouse have been served an eviction notice for failure to pay $50,517 in rent at Eaton Place.

MDI Partnership #72, which owns the building at 523 E. Douglas, filed a petition for eviction in Sedgwick County District Court on Tuesday in addition to a lawsuit to collect back rent.

The lawsuit names Steve and Stephanie Compton of Wichita and Thomas Bowles of Augusta as defendants.

According to the lawsuit and eviction petition, SSC Enterprises, which is now B & C Group, signed a lease agreement in June 2007 for a total of $463,501, which is to be paid in monthly installments.

The lawsuit states that the Comptons and Bowles gave personal guarantees for the lease.

And the petition says the defendants have refused to leave the premises after receiving a 10-day notice to leave on June 24.