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VK open discussion (7-20)

by joanna

I’m back!

Anyone else disappointed that Tom Watson didn’t win the British Open on Sunday? It was so fun to watch him during all four rounds, but I have to tell you, when he lined up for that par putt on 18, I just kind of knew it was over.

Anyone watch the ESPY’s last night? You know, the ESPY’s that were taped something like a week earlier! and then aired last night. I still watched part of it. The early award of best game was so exciting to see again — UConn vs. Syracuse in basketball, the Super Bowl and a third game that escapes me (it’s before 7 a.m., help me out….).

All right, so what’s on your mind as we head into Shrine Bowl week? Are you thinking football? Are you thinking volleyball? Are you thinking how the heck did it get to this point that there’s less than a month before school starts? Let’s hear it!