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Looking for readers to comment on a study examining a switch to a per-mile vehicle tax to fund road projects

A study from the University of Iowa is looking for Wichita drivers to participate in a program examining a new way to pay for roads and transportation projects.

Currently, road projects at the federal and state level are mostly paid for through a per-gallon fuel tax. But with more and more fuel efficient vehicles and people driving less, those funds aren’t keeping up with the needs.

Many experts are recommending switching to a system where users pay pennies per miles that a vehicle travels to generate the money.

The study wants 250 drivers who are willing to have a device installed in their vehicles for about one year that tracks the miles each vehicle is driven in Kansas. Wichita is one of six cities chosen for the second phase of the study.

What do you think, is this a good idea? Would you be interested in participating or is this just more big government looking over your shoulder?

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