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Because I'm Loyal, Too

I didn’t really have much to say today — at least not enough to write a blog. But I was guilted into it by one of my many followers, of which I can probably count on one hand. But because I appreciate the three of you, and because I promised a blog entry today, here I am. That particular follower owes me a Chris Barnes-esque performance in return.

I just got done writing a quoteless story about Wichita’s 9-7 win over Sioux Falls. It was quoteless because the game ended at 11:17 and my deadline is at 11:15. The late ending was due to the 83-minute rain delay. This week’s delay wasn’t nearly as eventful as last Wednesday’s. That’s when a radar blip turned into a massive hail storm that ruined the cars of many Wingnuts patrons, staff members and beat writers. Well, no plural on that last one.

But unlike that storm, this one didn’t cause hundreds of people to escape to the parking lot to survey the damage. And unlike that delay, this one ended, with Wichita hanging on for the win after the game resumed. The Wingnuts need to find a solution to their recent bullpen woes, because there’s hardly a reliable arm among their six relievers. Well, I’ll revise that — Doug Hurn has been pretty strong this season, but the other relievers have mostly been inconsistent.

Will Savage didn’t pitch great tonight, but he got the win, which is fairly rare because he doesn’t get much run support. He came back out after the rain delay for the fifth inning, which qualified him for the victory. So, loyal followers, where do you stand on Savage not being named to the All-Star team? He wasn’t happy about it, and he has a good beef because he has a ERA around 2.60 and a lot of innings.

He probably wanted to dominate Sioux Falls tonight, since the Canaries’ manager, Steve Shirley, selected the pitchers for the AA North All-Star team. Savage didn’t dominate, but he might have been good enough to give Shirley a second thought about his decision. Or maybe not. I was going to explore that topic with Savage and Shirley after the game, because it would have made a good angle for a game story, but I obviously didn’t get the chance. Part of what has made Savage successful this season is pitching with a chip on his shoulder, and he definitely had one for this start.

Another note — former Wingnut Amad Stephens, released late last month, pitched for Sioux Falls Tuesday. He allowed a run and was fairly shaky, but he can’t feel too bad because the pitcher Wichita picked up to replace him was even worse. That would be Julio Torres, who allowed a grand slam to Cory Harris in the ninth.

There’s my blog.

I’m getting pretty tired. I think I’ll go home now. – Who can tell me what movie that’s from? First correct answer wins a press box egg roll, delivered by yours truly.