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Which airlines are more likely to let you off the plane when a flight's diverted?

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to get off the airplane when a flight is diverted, a new analysis of Department of Transportation data showed which airlines have the best record., a passenger rights coalition, analyzed DOT data on diverted airline flights — flights that make unscheduled stops before they reach their final destinations. Typically they’re diverted because of weather, an in-flight emergency or to refuel.

According to the organization, American Airlines, American Eagle, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines collectively allowed passengers to deplane at the diverted airport 66 percent of the time. By contrast, the other 15 U.S. airlines gave passengers the option to deplane 99 percent of the time.

American, American Eagle, United and Delta were responsible for 1,150 of the 1,181 instances in which passengers weren’t allowed to get off the plane at a diverted airport, the group said.