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Farmers' market may come to Delano, but not this year

WICHITA — And continuing with this week's news from Delano . . .

There's been talk circulating in Delano that a farmers' market is coming to the area.

That may happen, but not this year.

"The problem that we ran into . . . was that we weren't able to find enough vendors to make it happen," says Jim Martinson of Historic Delano, a group that puts on events in the area.

Martinson had hoped to have the market this year, but he says he didn't start working on it until February, "which was a little late."

The plan was to use the parking lot at Senior Services of Wichita.

"We're real excited about it," says Laurel Alkire, executive director of Senior Services. "It would be a great way to bring people down here."

The idea would be to have it perhaps on a weeknight in order to not compete too much with other markets.

"If he can drum up enough interest, it would be great," Alkire says. "We just need to build it up for maybe a year."

That's what Martinson plans.

"That gives us a little bit longer to get all of ours i's dotted and t's crossed."