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All Hail!

The Wingnuts game was delayed at around 9 p.m. last night due to “lightning in the area”. Shortly after, I called The Eagle and let assistant sports editor Tom Seals know that the storm appeared to be a blip on the radar and that I anticipated the game resuming in under an hour.

Boy, was I wrong. Then again, so was every meteorologist in the city. Just an awful performance by them last night, I must say. But from now on, I’m going to start looking at meteorologists like I look at hitters in baseball. If you bat .300, you’re pretty darn good. So that’s my new standard for weathermen — just be right 30 percent of the time and I’ll call you an All-Star. Because for whatever reason, it seems difficult to do any better than 70 percent failure in either field. So Merrill and the gang, you’re off the hook. Just be right occasionally, and you’ll get props from me.

That was a little mean, and I’m sorry. But a little warning would have been nice. Now I have a messed up car (with no full coverage — full coverage would have gotten me a $9,000 check and a new car, but who needs that?) and a soon-to-be damaged bank account. Still, I definitely enjoyed the storm last night. I always enjoy seeing things I’ve never seen before, and I obviously have never seen hail like that. I likened it to…well, I probably can’t say that. But it was definitely a surreal experience.

The thing I can’t figure out, though — and it’s kind of a “speaking the obvious” thing. But why is hail cold? I get that it’s ice. But it was 85 degrees last night. What’s going on up in the sky to not only turn water to ice in midair, but also make it cold? I’m sure it has something to do with atmospheric pressure or something like that, but it’s one of those things that seems obvious yet no layperson really has an answer for.

All in all, I rate the hailstorm experience a solid B. There were some enjoyable moments in the press box and obviously the storm itself will find its way into my long-term memory eventually. But I’m bummed about not getting a new car today and by the fact that I’ll be driving around a golf ball for a while. It looks like my car has cellulite. I could have had it worse, though. A lot of people (with full coverage) had their front and/or back windshields knocked out. I wasn’t that unlucky, so I guess that’s a positive.

There was also baseball last night, with St. Paul beating the Wingnuts 2-1. If Wichita doesn’t win the second half, my pick is St. Paul. They have decent enough pitching and their lineup, while still featuring a few relatively easy outs, is solid. Brent Krause really has nothing left to prove at this level, so I’d like to see him get re-picked up by a major league organization at some point.  

Also yesterday, before he was ejected, Wingnut Dustan Mohr was swingning a bat he got from Garrett Atkins, who plays for the Colorado Rockies. During batting practice, the bat broke at the handle, causing the barrel to fly into the side of the batting screen. Josh Horn, who has lost hold of at least five bats (and probably more) this season, was pretty excited because he thought he was off the hook as far as bat throwing goes. But alas, Josh is still the king of nearly killing people with his bat.

See you tonight, hopefully after another appearance by my new favorite pitcher, Joe D’Alessandro. Afterward, I’m going to my new favorite restaurant, D’Alessandro’s, for some chicken alfredo.