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Dillon Fuel Center coming to 13th and West

WICHITA — Construction starts next week on a new Dillon Fuel Center at the Dillons at 13th and West. It will be similar to the company's fuel center at 13th and Tyler.

"It's all abut convenience," says spokeswoman Sheila Lowrie.

The center will be at the southwest corner of the Dillons parking lot.

It will have five fuel pumps as well as a service kiosk that sells things like cigarettes, newspapers, lottery tickets and candy bars. There also will be vending machines.

A QuikTrip is located across the street on the southeast corner of 13th and West.

Lowrie says the fuel center will allow customers to easily redeem Dillons' fuel-saver rewards while stopping off for groceries. That's 2 cents off every gallon with a Dillons Plus Card, or 10 cents off a gallon if customers are part of the Dillons fuel-saver rewards program.