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County commissioner: 'You can't fix stupid'

During a discussion this morning on fireworks, Sedgwick County commissioner Tim Norton got a laugh when he used an old saying “You can’t fix stupid.”

No matter what rules the county has and enforces regarding fireworks, some people, he said, will do stupid things. If people want to shoot fireworks at each other, set off commercial-grade fireworks or make their own fireworks, they will, Norton said.

His comment came while commissioners discussed reaction to the no-fireworks rule in the unincorporated areas of the county. Some said their constituents want to be able to shoot fireworks on their own property. Norton said he would support allowing county residents in the unincorporated areas to celebrate the Fourth of July the traditional way — as long as they do it on their own property, not others’.

Commissioner Kelly Parks said many of his constituents appreciate the no-fireworks rule because they own livestock that gets spooked by loud noises.