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Just because ... I love Entourage

This is my Just Because It’s Summer post. And just because everybody’s got friends like these, right? People who know everything about you and let you get away with absolutely nothing? You know you do!

And also because I have absolutely no sports news for you at the moment. And because I love Entourage. It’s in my top five favorite tv shows of all-time — 1. Sopranos 2. Lost 3. Entourage 4. Cosby Show 5. Arrested Development — just in case you were wondering.

Which begs the question, who would be in your Entourage? Do you have a Johnny Drama, Turtle and an E? Or are you one of them?

I got mine — My buddy Chris is definitely an Eric. Nick Daniken is definitely Turtle. My brother Jake is Johnny Drama all the way. And Morgan … she’s Ari, no doubt.

If I had to make an Entourage out of coaches I covered … Troy Morrell would be Vinnie Chase, Steve Eck would be E, Monty Lewis would be Turtle and Bob Fornelli would be Johnny Drama. That means Chuck Broyles would be Ari.

On the sports desk? J. Martin is Vince, Joanna is E, Jeff Lutz looks like Turtle and Gary Karr is Johnny Drama. Our Ari? I can’t call it.

Where do I fit in? Where else, player?

I’m out. -TA