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Lovely Light

Waiting for the big fireworks show atop the Riverwalk parking garage, I was enjoyed the atmosphere of people in pickup beds, car trunks,on blankets spread out on the concrete and in camp chairs.

And I was intrigued by the mixture of light. The canopy of fading skylight cast an umbrella of blue while headlights raked across bodies and sodium-vapor security lights highlighted chrome and shiny paint.

This is the kind of work a rangefinder camera is best suited for. A big honkin’ SLR around my neck would have been as effective as wearing a sandwich board reading, “Stand aside; photographer coming through.”

The small, quite camera with a fast lens in the hand is not only more discrete but a whole lot less intimidating. People would have been aware of me either way, I’m certain. I didn’t sneak up on anyone and made the lap around the circuit several times.

Simply put, a rangefinder is more benign.