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Kansas Coalition for Life endorses Dick Kelsey for congress

The Kansas Coalition for Life has endorsed state Sen. Dick Kelsey for congress. The move gives Kelsey support from the anti-abortion group, which organized 1,846 consecutive days of protest outside George Tiller’s clinic. (The group condemned Tiller’s murder.)"I've known him so long,” said the coalition’s president, Mark Gietzen. “He's been a solid pro-life activist for, gosh, 20 years or so. He's never been on the wrong side of an issue. We just feel that we can trust him."Gietzen said Kelsey has also been endorsed by the Concerned Women For America and Kansans for Truth in Politics.The Kansans for Life political action committee has not made an endorsement in the race yet.Kelsey will face Mike Pompeo in the Republican primary.  No one else has officially entered the race on the Republican side.