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2 and 2, be right back atcha.

I’m discouraged and encouraged by a couple things today. First, my discouragements:

1. Will Savage was not named American Association Pitcher of the Week.

Um, excuse me? The award went to Jarrett Gardner, who threw a no-hitter for Lincoln on Thursday. Makes sense. Except when you consider the fact that Will Savage ALSO threw a no-hitter, two days earlier. And when you consider that unlike Gardner, Savage had two starts last week. His second, coming in Wichita’s division-clinching win on Sunday, involved Savage pitching seven innings and allowing one run. Actually, I don’t know if the league considers a Sunday start “last week”, but you’re telling me these guys couldn’t at least share the award? Ridiculous. Wingnut Dustan Mohr, however, was named Batter of the Week.

2. Amad Stephens was relased today in favor of new signee Julio Torres, a left-handed reliever

I guess I don’t have a problem with this move on a personnel level — Stephens’ ERA was over 9.00 and he recently had three very rough outings. That said, he was coming off two strong appearances and he did have an ERA under 2.00 last season. He might have deserved a little bit longer rope. Maybe you’d want to see what this guy has, since you’ve clinched a playoff spot and he could regain what he had last year. But it wasn’t all performance-based. I don’t think the Wingnuts’ brass was happy with Stephens conditioning, or his attitude toward it. Still, I’ll miss Amad, who from my experiences was a nice guy. Quite nice, actually. I hope he finds somewhere to play the rest of the season.

To balance out those problems, here are a couple things I’m encouraged by:

1. Brad Davis has changed his intro song back to “Country Man”

You might remember the debate on the blog last season — which was the better intro song, Mohr’s “Lean Like a Cholo” or Davis’ “Country Man”. I’m not sure if we ever established a clear consensus on that debate. The good news is, the debate can begin again for 2009, because Davis is going from whatever the heck his song was back to the original. If you come to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium tomorrow for Davis’ start against Sioux City, you’ll get to hear both songs and decide for yourself.

2. It’s pitching coach Luke Robertson’s birthday today!

How did I know? How does anybody know anybody else’s birthday these days? Facebook, of course. Luke, the king of knocking out headlights on beat-up trucks with thrown baseballs, turns 30 today. Really? He’s only 30? That’s a little bit shocking. But happy birthday anyway, Luke.