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Baggage performance is key to a good customer experience

WICHITA:  It’s not a good feeling when you step off an airplane and realize your bag didn’t make it with you.

AirTran Airways CEO Bob Fornaro talked about lost bags last week while in Wichita for the Wichita Aero Club luncheon.  Fornaro said that he considers an airline’s most important metric is its baggage performance.

“We want customers to make it with their bag,” Fornaro said. The airline got high marks on baggage handling in the Airlinperofe Quality Rating study co-authored by Wichita State University’s Dean Headley.

In my own experience,  one case sticks out the most. A photographer and I arrived in Naples, Italy, to spend a week working on a reporting project for the Eagle.  My bag arrived the day before I left.  Thankfully, I had stuffed a pair of pants in a backpack. I wore khaki pants every day for work and jeans every night. The photographer wasn’t so lucky. Her bag never did arrive.

Fornaro said it best last week.

“Nothing good happens when you don’t have a bag.”