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A state divided on Obama

The good will that Kansans had for President Obama at his inauguration, when he had a 62 percent approval rating in the SurveyUSA poll, continues to erode. The latest poll, co-sponsored by KWCH, Channel 12, showed Kansans split 49 to 49 percent on whether they approve or disapprove of the job he's doing. He polls best in northeast Kansas (52 percent approval) and worst out west (64 percent disapproval). Still, he's ahead of where he started in the state on Election Day, when he lost to John McCain 41.6 to 56.6 percent.Meanwhile, new Gov. Mark Parkinson lost some ground in public opinion in a matter of weeks on the job, sliding from 52 percent approval a month ago to 46 percent in mid-June — the same point Kathleen Sebelius was in the poll before joining Obama's Cabinet.