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From the DMV disaster files: The state is lucky it's not a business

WICHITA — As I stood in line to get a new driver’s license today, it occurred to me that if the Department of Motor Vehicles were a business, it would never make it.

No credit cards are accepted. No debit cards. No checks over $300.

There are no cell phones at any time.

No chairs to sit on while waiting.

And no discernable air conditioning to enjoy while standing there desperately searching for cash in one’s purse or wallet.

A few other handy things to know: You should occasionally look at your driver’s license because apparently you generally aren’t notified you have an expired one until a police officer three blocks from your house pulls you over and alerts you (for a small fee of $86).

You can’t go to just any DMV office for a new license. Admittedly, I probably should have checked on this one before waiting in the first line at 21st and Maize before then heading to 21st and Amidon.

You have to show up with proof of your current address. And not just any proof will do.

Not to completely cast blame, though.

There were some quite nice DMV employees willing to helpfully explain each step I was doing wrong.

And I further admit, the red ink I got on my new white linen shirt while attempting to write this blog while in line was completely my own fault.