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Remarkable Consignment to open at Central and Rock

WICHITA — The economy is keeping some people from opening new businesses, but Dooz Pankratz and Maureen Morrison say the time is right for their Remarkable Consignment, a new women's clothing and furniture shop coming to Central and Rock on July 8.

"It's remarkable items that have been remarked," Pankratz says.

She’s the former director of marketing and business development for Legasus Group.

Morrison briefly was a family business advisor there.

She says Legasus "just was not a good fit."

Morrison started thinking about a consignment shop when a friend of hers wanted to sell some furniture she'd had only a few years. She didn't want to have a garage sale, so she hired an auction company.

"What if you had a consignment store that would take that kind of furniture?" Morrison thought.

She and Pankratz started talking.