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© William EgglestonMy first years in serious photography were rooted firmly in black and white. As far as I was concerned, b/w pictures were more pure than color “snapshots.” Years later the Wichita Eagle invested in some high-dollar offset presses and color became the standard, like it or not.

Although my tastes still have a monochromatic baseline, I have to admit there were those who shined a light down a different path.William Eggleston, courtesy Eggleston Artistic Trust“Remember that scene where Dorothy and Toto realize they’re not in Kansas anymore? That same combined sensation of awe, homesickness and hallucination probably described the crowd at the Museum of Modern Art in 1976, as they stood before William Eggleston’s color photography exhibit for the first time….”

I’d like to introduce you to one who still continues to develop my vision, William Eggleston.