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So they said

"A no-comment day." — Sen. Pat Roberts (in photo), R-Kan., as he and other Senate Republicans brushed off media requests Wednesday for reaction to news of Nevada Sen. John Ensign's extramarital affair

"A wonderfully quiet town that is sometimes shocked into the limelight." — KAKE News anchorman Larry Hatteberg, describing Wichita in Time magazine

"It's like a guy coming up from the Triple-A trying to knock off a major leaguer." — Kansas State University political science professor Joe Aistrup, on why Ron Thornburgh opted not to challenge Sam Brownback for the GOP gubernatorial primary

“Iraq and a lot of the skirmishes we are in are about energy. . . . We feel it makes more sense to put wind turbines on our prairie instead of our fine young men and women under the prairie." — Kirk Lowell, executive director of CloudCorp, on the Meridian Way Wind Farm

"I really believe that, if the right decisions are made, Kansas can be the renewable energy capital of the world in the same way that we are the Air Capital of the World." — Gov. Mark Parkinson