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Personal stories from Cessna

A good friend called this morning. She’s been worried about her son-in-law, who’s worked at Cessna Aircraft for 11 years in production. He was braced to get a 60-day layoff notice today.

Thankfully, he was spared this morning. Another son-in-law wasn’t so lucky. He was laid off in an earlier round of cuts.

A Cessna employee called me this morning as well. He didn’t get laid off, but was aching for those who were. We all are.

It’s a painful time.

As Cessna’s head of marketing Tom Aniello told me for a story this week. The folks in marketing, sales and in management take all of this very seriously. They’re in a fight to sell airplanes so people can stay working, he said.

The market for new airplanes will come back. But it will take time.

In the meantime, let’s give a hand and a boost where we can to those who are feeling the affects from this down economy.