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Fun with lists

If you don’t read Joe Posnanski of The Kansas City Star, you should. His blog is great fun. He is talented, unbelievably prolific and loves Springsteen. Mark Turgeon told me he is the only writer Turgeon ever called to thank after a story. Posnanski wanted something like an hour. Turgeon (without consulting me, obviously) gave him about 20 minutes. Posnanski turned into a story that Turgeon loved.

Posnanski (and readers) are choosing the best basketball, football and baseball player from schools, as well as a wild-card selection. It’s quite a task. I didn’t see any MVC schools represented, so here goes:Wichita StateBasketball: Dave Stallworth (X will get many votes. People who I know who watched both usually go with Dave.)

Football: Linwood Sexton (Tough one. Sexton and Prince McJunkins are the only Shockers to with numbers retired. Several Shockers had longer pro careers than either.)

Baseball: Joe Carter

Wildcard: Bill ParcellsBradleyBasketball: Hersey Hawkins (Chet Walker?)

Football: Marcus Pollard (played hoops at BU before going to the NFL)

Baseball: Kirby Puckett (played one season at BU (1981) and hit .378)

Wildcard: Charley SteinerCreightonBasketball: Paul Silas

Football: Johnny Knolla (great pizza, for a bonus)

Baseball: Bob Gibson (No. 18 on Creighton’s basketball scoring list)

Wildcard: ??? (Need some help)DrakeBasketball: Lewis Lloyd

Football: Johnny Bright

Baseball: Lee Stange (Pitched for 10 seasons in the majors)

Wildcard: Zach Johnson (2007 Masters champion)EvansvilleBasketball: Jerry Sloan (Larry Hume?)

Football: Sean Bennett (Former Giants running back. FYI: Evansville won the 1949 Refrigerator Bowl)

Baseball: Andy Benes

Wildcard: Steve Welmer (NCAA basketball referee)Illinois StateBasketball: Doug Collins

Football: Boomer Grigsby (Help)

Baseball: Dave Bergman

Wildcard: John MalkovichIndiana StateBasketball: Larry Bird

Football: Vencie Glenn

Baseball: Wallace Johnson

Wildcard: Bruce Baumgartner (Two-time Olympic gold-medal wrestler)Missouri StateBasketball: Curtis Perry

Football: Brad St. Louis (Help.)

Baseball: Ryan Howard

Wildcard: John Goodman (Kathleen Turner)Northern IowaBasketball: Jason Reese (This is not a school overflowing with basketball tradition)

Football: Kurt Warner

Baseball: Ryan Brunner

Wildcard: Bryce PaupSouthern IllinoisBasketball: Walt Frazier

Football: Jim Hart

Baseball: Dave Stieb (Steve Finley??)

Wildcard: Jim Belushi (Jenny McCarthy, Dennis Franz, Richard Roundtree - MVC’s strongest list of acting alums by a nose over Missouri State)