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Skillz restaurant, lounge and betting parlor to open next to Club Rodeo

WICHITA — So, think you’ve got some mad betting skillz?

There’s going to be a new restaurant and lounge next to Club Rodeo on East Kellogg where you can try your luck.

The new Skillz opens Monday.

“You can wager on your skill,” says owner Daven Flax.

Like other bars in town, such as Highlands Gastropub & Cardroom, Skillz will offer a version of Texas hold ‘em where players get a brief look at cards before playing “so it becomes a game of skill.”

“We’re not gambling,” Flax says.

There also will be a Bet the Races room with things like horse and dog racing from across the country. Flax says the races are live and have an advanced deposit wagering system.

Flax says there will be inexpensive food and drinks, too.

“We’d like to be open 24/7, but we obviously will follow the law as far as liquor goes,” Flax says.

That means the liquor stops flowing at 2 a.m., but the cards will keep going.