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Another sign that Kansas means business on wind

Even Kansans mad about the approval of a coal-fired plant in western Kansas should be pleased by the deal reached to build ultra high-voltage power lines from Wichita to Dodge City by 2013. Both Prairie Wind Transmission and ITC Great Plains, which had been competing for the $800 million project, have agreed to work on the 765 kilovolt transmission lines, which would be the first west of the Mississippi River. "We absolutely must have a way to move the great wind energy source that we have in western Kansas to eastern Kansas and beyond," said Gov. Mark Parkinson, in announcing the deal. Regulatory and cost hurdles remain, but the deal further demonstrates that Kansas is ready to get on with its goal of becoming a wind energy powerhouse.Meanwhile, a new government climate status report released Tuesday warned that global warming's serious effects are already here and getting worse.