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Coach, Duda to meet

I had a story in today’s paper about the first signings for next year. Some leftovers from the interview with coach Brent Bilodeau:

Bilodeau plans to meet this week with veteran Jason Duda. Duda led the team in scoring (55 points), despite suffering from a bad back much of the season. Duda decided not to have surgery in the off-season, instead opting for rehab. “We’re gonna talk and see how his back is and what his plans for the future are,” Bilodeau said. “I’m sure he wants to come back, but it has to be something we’re both comfortable with.”Goalie Tim Boron, Troy Ofukany (36 points, 122 PIM as a rookie) and Joel Hanson (33 points in 39 games) are hoping to play at a higher level next season, but they want to return to Wichita if that doesn’t work out, Bilodeau said.Mike Batovanja, among the first signees, said he likes the direction of the team under Bilodeau. “We’re gonna win,” he said. “I’m excited to get it turned around.”