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Who needs Gay Parie when you have Wichita?

As the Paris Air Show got under way Monday, I had my own little Parisian soiree planned for some of us who, sniff, couldn’t be at the show.Since I’m monitoring it from my desk here in Wichita, I had a small gathering at Oeno with some French wine, a jaunty beret that we passed around and party favors from the Aviator’s Attic at Yingling.Well, just as it was pouring at the Paris Air Show, so too did it storm in Wichita. We hear that put a bit of a damper on the fun in Paris, but it didn’t stop our small band of merrymakers in Old Town — even when Oeno ran out of its $5 Monday-night special French wine.Turns out California grapes do nicely in a pinch.