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More on historic tax credits

The Kansas Legislature’s move to cap tax credits for historic building redevelopment at $3.75 million for 2010 and 2011 will roll the program back to 2004 levels, according to figures released this morning by Kansas Secretary of Revenue Joan Wagnon.

Here’s a breakdown of filers and credits allowed:

2007: 120 filers, $5.99 million allowed2006: 102 filers, $4.03 million allowed2005: 138 filers, $6.1 million allowed2004: 128 filers, $3.44 million allowed2003: 87 filers, $2.48 million allowed2002: 36 filers, $943,852 allowed.

2001 figures are confidential, Wagnon’s office said, because there were fewer than five filers.

The cap imposed by the Kansas Legislature this year is the first one in the program’s history, as we’ve reported before. There was no limit on credit awards in any of the above years.