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Get ready for Gov. Brownback

With Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh ending his long-declared campaign for governor Monday, saying that "a run for governor is not meant to be," and the Kansas Democrats still without a candidate, Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., might want to start planning his 2011 inauguration. At this point, Brownback's desired move from the Senate to Cedar Crest looks unimpeded.

One other tidbit on the gubernatorial front, from the Kansas City Star's Steve Kraske: "Kansas Democrats are kicking the tires on a new name that's surfaced for governor. That's former CBS newsman Bill Kurtis, who resides, at least part of the time, at his Red Buffalo Ranch in the Flint Hills." But Monday Kurtis told the Topeka Capital-Journal: "No, I am not running for governor. Not interested in it. I'm just trying to survive the depression. And judging from the success I'm having, I have no business handling anybody else's money, let alone the taxpayers'."