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My thoughts on Newman

VIC TRILLI So my story about Newman came out today (in short, they want to be in the MIAA) and when it got delayed a week I was worried I was going to have to change a big chunk of it because the MIAA’s vote on letting Rockhurst in was supposed to be this past Friday — June 12 — but they put it off until July 1. They did have a vote on Friday about expansion, but it was secret, and it was the athletic directors that voted on it. But if you read my story you can see that the athletic directors in the MIAA are definitely against expansion, so I guess it’s not a very well-kept secret. I tried to talk to all 12 of them, got nine to go on record and out of those, eight were against expansion in any form. What’s that mean? Just that I spent a lot of time talking to ADs, who are an interesting bunch.