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Tiahrt: No beating Boeing's KC-767 as best tanker

In a commentary for, Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard, called for the Air Force's next and (we can hope) final round of bidding for a new $35 billion fleet of air-refueling tankers to be fair and impartial. But he foresees a problem that again could leave Boeing and its workers, in Wichita and elsewhere, outside the winner's circle: "Unfortunately, the current acquisition system used by Department of Defense favors foreign competitors over American companies. It does this by not accounting for illegal subsidies, waiving complex and expensive regulations for any European competitor and not taking into consideration legal subsidies such as nationalized health care in Europe. By refusing to acknowledge such factors, our government is stacking the deck against American workers at the expense of our national and economic security." He concluded: "The KC-767 is the right tanker for the Air Force, the American worker and the American taxpayer. It is my hope the Air Force gets it right this time. We simply cannot afford more costly delays."