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Savage On Speed Dial

Will Savage is probably thinking about calling me from an unrestricted phone number.

I interviewed the Wingnuts pitcher on Thursday for a story that ran on Friday, then subsequently added him to the contacts list on my cell phone. I recently got a new phone and haven’t gotten around putting many numbers into it, so Savage’s is one of 10 numbers I have and the only contact whose name starts with ‘W’.

Following me so far? Good. So twice yesterday — not once but TWICE — I bumped the ‘W’ key while my phone was in my pocket. That resulted in two inadvertent calls to Savage in which he was the only one who realized he’d received a phone call.

Eventually, after Savage’s start last night, he called to inform me that he had two missed calls from me and that background noise had shown up on his voicemail. I guess it could be worse — I could have been bad-mouthing him while accidentally calling him or something. But he jokingly yelled at me, “STOP CALLING ME!!” And I texted him later that I was so self-conscious that I was checking my phone every 30 seconds to make sure I hadn’t called him and that adding him to my contacts list was making my life a living h___.

Moral of the story? Well, my phone is resting comfortably on the table next to me, never to see the inside of a pants pocket again.

Everything else that happened to the Wingnuts last night wasn’t as entertaining. They lost a 7-1 game to the St. Paul Saints and had probably their worst performance of the year, making three errors, committing baserunning mistakes and failing to come through in several scoring chances. But those games happen sometimes.

Now the key is bouncing back. Manager Kevin Hooper said last night that he doesn’t, and won’t, put more emphasis on any one game than he does on any other. We’ll see if that approach works. Wichita still has a three-game lead with 21 to play, but obviously anything can happen in those 21 games. Maybe the Wingnuts will need to develop a sense of urgency.

On the other hand, maybe they won’t. Pretty much everything Hooper has done this season has worked, so it’s difficult to think that his idea of staying on an even keel won’t, too. The Wingnuts have gotten where they are — first place — by playing relaxed, so there is no reason to believe they won’t stay in first using the same approach.

We’ll learn more tonight, when Wichita meets the Saints in the second game of the three-game series and six-game homestand. Check out what I think is a strong notes column tomorrow, with some well-researched information on Michael Thompson. Research is my favorite. But before I go, here’s a clip of my all-time favorite comedian, Cedric the Entertainer, speaking at the funeral of Bernie Mac last year. Try not to laugh out loud.