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Is Wichita being pound wise and penny foolish?

On Sunday morning, I read about the city’s proposal to spend more than $1 million to replace all 876 light fixtures in city-owned parking garages with LED lights.

I appreciate the city trying to be more energy efficient, which is why I was puzzled when my husband and I hopped on our bikes later that morning and found all the lights on along the city’s new Midtown paths.

At first we wondered if it was the sun’s glare we were seeing. Then, we considered that the lights might be solar powered. But we also had to question whether this was a stereotypical case of government at work, with the city leaving its lights on while also contemplating spending big bucks to be energy efficient.

We were relieved to learn there’s simply a problem with the time clock for the lights, and the city decided it was better to leave the lights on in the interim instead of having the paths be dark at night.